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Choosing a Facet Mute

Our design gives each of our mutes their characteristic sound, while the individual hardwoods affect the timbre of the sound.  It is our opinion that most players will want to own a Low Density model, and one from either the Medium or High Density offerings. Additionally, we have taken steps to ensure that our mutes will fit properly in your bell, to optimize your playing experience. If you have a trumpet or trombone that requires augmentation of the corks... e.g., Wild Thing trumpets, or Edwards trombones, which have larger bell throat openings, please let us know, so that we can use corks that will fit in your bell. If you select our Contact Form, we will be happy to help you with your selection(s).


To make browsing our catalog a little more user friendly, it has been organized by the individual hardwoods (in alphabetical order), with the exception of our "Signature Series" mutes.  Photos may not be available for your selections, but do appear within the category.  If you can't find what you're looking for, we are happy to assist you with your selection.

Low Density Line: Our lighter weight, lighter density hardwoods respond very well at a light volume of sound, and work very well for delicate, or lyrical passages.  While they can get a little "buzzy" when pushed, they won't break up at higher volumes of sound.

Spanish Cedar - Great for lighter classical passages, or for producing a lyrical sound, at softer volumes.  It produces a more traditional sound at louder volumes.  Exceptionally lightweight. Great for Tenor or Bass Trombone. It's also aromatic... reminiscent of a fine cigar humidor.  This mute has been a top-seller for us.

Sitka Spruce - A lightweight, but strong hardwood.  It is very responsive with a good mix of highs and lows in the sound.  For this reason, is often used as a sound board on pianos.  It produces a more traditional sound at louder volumes.   An excellent choice for Trombones (straight or cup), or for a producing a traditional cup mute sound on trumpet.

Medium Density Line: A medium weight, medium density hardwood will tend to produce a characteristic sound that is warmer, and lyrical in nature.  Mutes from this group make excellent straight mutes for trombone players, or cup mutes for trumpet players.  These include:

Lacewood - A beautiful wood that has a unique sound quality that is warm, but has a very solid core sound.  This is an excellent choice as a cup mute, for the trumpet soloist.

Black Limba Wood - Has a bit more "choclate-y", rounded sound than Walnut. This hardwood is also known as "Korina", which is a wood that may be familiar to guitarists, as it was used for the Gibson "Flying V".

Walnut - Our #1 recommendation as a Trumpet Cup Mute, or Trombone Straight or Cup Mute.  It has a sound quality that is very well-balanced... capable of producing a sound that is warm at normal volumes, or able to provide a more cutting sound when pushed.

High Density Line: These mutes tend to produce a more focused sound, and they can provide a slightly higher resistance than a low or medium density hardwood.  Although they perform exceptionally when a more powerful, intense sound is desired, they work very well at all volumes.  These include:

Zebrawood - A top seller for Trumpet Straight or Cup Mutes... because they look so "cool"!  (While looks aren't everything... they really do sound good!)

Padauk - A strikingly beautiful reddish-orange colored wood that is a good tonewood in all respects.  As with all higher density hardwoods, it has a more focused and very responsive sound, with strong timbre that favors the lower overtones. See our NEW Trombone Pixie Mute.  (Available in Padauk only.)           *We have removed this hardwood from our offerings, effective 07.22.13.

Wenge -  We call this "Black Tie", because of its elegant appearance.  Wenge is a straight-grained black hardwood with chocolate brown stripes.  This hardwood yields a strong, focused sound, with depth.  If you are looking for a matched set of mutes (Straight and Cup), Wenge is an excellent choice.

African Rosewood (Bubinga) - Rosewood is a beautiful, exotic hardwood, which exhibits a very good balance of highs and lows in the sound, while remaining focused.  It has a sound quality that is slightly warmer than our Bloodwood mutes.

- Produces a clear, focused sound, at all volumes. As you might expect, it is red in color, and looks absolutely stunning when finished.  Our Bloodwood straight mute is our #1 recommendation as a trumpet straight mute.   Like Lacewood, because it is a heavier wood, it is likely to present balance issues for trombonists. *We have removed this hardwood from our offerings, effective 07.22.13.

We offering monogramming for a nominal charge of $20.00 per mute.  Please visit our "Custom Shop" to add this feature to your Facet Mute.

Hardwoods marked with a star * indicates that the individual hardwood is one that is available in very limited supply, or only as a special order from our hardwood suppliers.  Although we do our best to maintain an equal cost scale,the prices of these particular hardwoods may fluctuate.

Currently, we are busy designing new mutes to augment our offerings. These will include: Plunger, Bucket, Practice,  French Horn, and Tuba mutes.

Academic Mutes - Our Academic line is currently available through CIOMIT. http://www.ciomit.com

SlideBone.com in New York, New York - http://www.slidebone.com

BIW, Inc. (Rich Ita's Brass Instrument Workshop), in Marietta, Georgia

Fénix Marina Baixa, S.L. – América Latina - www.BrassOnLine.net/e-shop

Because our mutes are individually handcrafted, we may not have your selections in inventory. We are generally able to fill orders within 5 to 8 weeks. If you have other questions, need express shipping, or have a preference for UPS or FedEx, please contact us.