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How to Know If Your House is Haunted?

Recently I visited the scariest haunted house in Ohio and I had an amazing time, I have been to a number of haunted houses and never felt this scared, the organizers have put in detailed work and created an atmosphere which would scare anybody, but in reality a haunted house is far from what you see in such shows, you wouldn’t have monsters and clowns in your face but a real paranormal experience is quite subtle and you have to read the signs, if you have ever lived in house which has been haunted for years then you would surely know it because these things won’t let you live in peace.

If you have been feeling unusual in your own house and you have been questioning yourself regarding the presence of something inexplicable then you should learn how to know if your house is haunted, there are some simple ways to know which are shown in movies and haunted houses and as we discussed that these simply won’t happen to you, you’ll have to read the signs which are subtle and then take action accordingly. What you see would be far less than what you feel and what you hear, it is more about sensing it rather than actually seeing something in substance and form.

For years we thought we had a rodent issue and we associated the smell with that as well, but then due to rain damage we had to get the repair work done and that left no space for rodents and small animals to creep in and the noises would still not go away and the smell was constant as well, I called in one of my friends and he could smell the same thing without the trace of its source.