How to Protect Yourself From a Bear Attack

Everyone knows that bears are truly fearsome creatures that could wreak havoc on your physical form at this current point in time. If a bear were to attack you, suffice it to say that your chances of surviving would be slim, but there are certain things that you could end up doing to protect yourself during such dire straits. Plenty of newcomers to the world of bears think that running away would be the best thing to do, but doing so would almost certainly result in the cessation of your biological life processes without a shadow of a doubt.

Instead of running away, it would be far better if you stood your ground during a bear encounter and also avoided making eye contact with it. Try to stay perfectly still, and if the bear comes too close to you, you should be willing to take a few steps to attack it right back so that it runs away. An attacking bear is not going to show any kind of mercy whatsoever, and as a result of the fact that this is the case you should keep bear spray on hand so that you can assault the bear with it if it starts getting a bit too aggressive.

Using bear spray will cause an immense burning sensation in the bear’s eyes and it would want to go somewhere other than where you are to recover. This is a humane solution since it does not entail any major damage occurring to the bear and it will not kill it. Rather, it would just dissuade it from getting too close to you and it would give you an added layer of safety.